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(Certified Pre-Owned) Technogym Skillrun

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Technogym Skillrun


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Certified Pre-owned
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The first-ever treadmill for effective power and cardio conditioning with onboard video-guided Routines and specific workouts for athletic training.

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Multidrive Technology™ enables running sessions and resistance workouts on the same equipment for a comprehensive cardio and power training experience.


Push Against Resistance Workouts
Engage in sled training mode and boost your explosive power and acceleration. Skillrun's exclusive Technogym workout simulates the feeling of pushing a sled on grass, with resistance gradually decreasing as you gain speed.
30% More Training Space
Experience a streamlined design and a 55 cm/22 in wide belt, offering you 30% more training space for a comfortable workout.
Fast-Paced Running
Reach thrilling speeds of up to 30 km/18.6 mph with Skillrun's fast-paced running feature, pushing your limits and enhancing your cardiovascular fitness.
Intense Climbs and Descents
Challenge yourself with intense climbs and descents, thanks to Skillrun's gradient that ranges from +25% to -3%, simulating different terrains and elevations.
Instant Speed and Gradient Control
Take control of your workout with Skillrun's Fast Track Controls, allowing you to adjust speed and gradient at the touch of a button for instant customization.
Efficient Sprint and Interval Workout
Ramp up your acceleration twice as fast as standard treadmills with Skillrun's efficient sprint and interval workout capabilities, providing an intense training session.
Boost explosive power and acceleration with Sled Training that simulates pushing a sled on grass.
Improve neuromuscular coordination with agility drills and Cadence Training in a wider running space.
Enhance endurance efficiency with real-time monitoring of running parameters and color-coded feedback using Biofeedback technology.
  • Running surface type: Slat Belt technology
  • Running surface size: 68" x 22" (173 x 55 cm)
  • Max user weight: 485 lbs (220 KG)
  • Footrest width: 5.5" (14 cm )
  • Speed range (at any main supply): 0.2-30 km/h (0.1-18.6 mph)
  • Gradient range: -3% / +25%
  • Multidrive Technology: Run + Resistance
  • Ergonomic Sled Handlebars: ✔
  • Maximum Sled load: 350 lbs (160 KG)
  • Motor PFC: ✔
  • Maximum resistance: 1700 watts @ 10.0 km/h (6.25 mph) - [Max. Resistance increases with speed]

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