Harbinger 6" Padded Leather Belt

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Harbinger 6" Padded Leather Belt

  • $46.60
  • $53.59

Harbinger's 6" Padded Leather Belt is designed for more coverage on larger bodies.

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Padded leather 4 inch weightlifting belt with contoured design for added comfort. Interior foam cushioning and suede lining offer enhanced comfort. Belt double stitched for extra durability

4 inch width stabilizes back and core during heavy lifting; genuine leather offers superior support and helps maintain proper posture. Heavy-duty dual prong steel roller buckle secures tensioning to maintain a snug fit. Available in four waist sizes: S (23-29 inches), M (29-33 inches), L (33-37 inches), XL (37-42 inches); measure around waist to determine size

  • 6" width tapers for fit
  • Interior foam padding and suede lining for comfort
  • Heavy duty dual-pronged steel roller buckle locks belt into position


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