Eva Interlocking Floor Mat in Grey

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[2 PCS] Eva Interlocking Floor Mat (Black) 60cm x 60cm x 12mm

  • $11.00

The price is for 1 set ( 2 pieces )

Great for Martial Arts, Karate, Dojo, Taekwondo floors

  • High-density EVA foam material 

  • Non-skid Surface 

  • Shock-Absorbing properties

  • Interlocking design makes for fast installation

  • Sound-insulation

  • Cushion for heavy strength training equipment.

An essential item to have when you work out at home.

This gym mat provides sound insulation so you can work-out in peace, without worrying about disturbing your neighbours.

It also protects your floor from scratches and is convenient to store-away or wash. 


Colour Dark Grey
Material EVA
Measurements (cm) 60 x 60 x 1.2

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