Aspire Strength MG201 Multi-functional Trainer

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Aspire Strength MG201 Multi-functional Trainer

  • $2,199.00

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Weight plates and olympic barbell sold separately.

MG201 is perfect for your functional training and it allows you to have a lot of exercise options from squat to lats pulldown. Other than performing weight resistance exercises, you can also do bodyweight workout like your pull-ups and sit ups with the core trainer. Explore your options with our Aspire Strength MG201! 

All in MG201

  • Smith Machine
  • Functional Trainer
  • Power Rack
  • Dip Station
  • Core Trainer
  • Equipment Storage

Smith Machine

8 x Heavy Duty Hard Rubber Wheels fitted with Bearings, guaranteed to provide a smooth feel & operation. Adjustable safety catches for Smith Machine exercises. Use it when going heavy!

Adjustable Dual Pulley Function

Easy to adjust to your height for your workout. Just pull the pin and push it back with ease.

Safety Catch 

Worry less while exercising. MG201 has safety catch on both sides to keep you safe. 


Multi-grip Pull Up Bar / Adjustable Dual Dip Handles

Add variety to your workout to target different muscle group using your own bodyweight


Core Trainer Accessory (Torsonator)

Use with Olympic bar for pressing or rotation exercises. Can be removed with not in use.

Storage Holder

6 x Weight plate storages to store either Standard or Olympic sized weight plates. 1 x barbell holder for standard and olympic barbell.

Colour  Black & Red
Dimensions (L x W x H) 170 x 185 x 210cm
Warranty 2 years on Parts, 3 months on Wear & Tear

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