Plamax PL 9002 Lat Pulldown/Seated Row

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(Certified Pre-Owned) Plamax PL 9002 Lat Pulldown/Seated Row

  • $1,100.00

Plamax PL 9002 Lat Pulldown/Seated Row


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Certified Pre-owned
3 Months Warranty



• Full length double shrouds                              

• Solid steel cams 1 1/2” x 3” 11 gauge oval tubing

• Instructional chart with exercise description

• Foam injected double stitched upholstery

• Incremental weight stack

• USA made military grade cables

• High-tech oval tubing

• Highlighted cam & seat adjustment levers

• Double stitched, high density foam upholstery

with wrap-around sleeve

(can be customized with your logo)

• Rubber feet to prevent scratches or movement

• Aluminium capped handles

• Water bottle and cell phone holder

• Placards for quick reference of targeted muscles & proper machine use.

PRODUCT DIMENSION 70 x 40 x 85 in (LxWxH)


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