Power Bag Rack

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Power Bag Rack

  • $289.00

A storage rack with space for up to 5 Power Bags

*Power Bag not included.

A storage rack with space for up to 5 Power Bags. The vertical storage rack takes up very little space and fits perfectly in any gym or home. The steel construction is very sturdy and can safely hold the weight of the bags.

The benefits of  Homefitness's Power Bag Rack

  • Very useful for the secure and neat storage of 5 Power Bags
  • Sturdy construction with a big capacity
  • Can be placed against the wall and in the middle of a space
  • Convenient to have at home or in the gym


  • Space for 5 sandbags
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • *L:69 W:66 H:150 cm
  • Weight: *27 kg

(Based on estimation, for more accurate measurement do drop by our showroom to check it out)

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