Aspire Strength MG102 Leverage Trainer

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Aspire Strength MG102 Leverage Trainer

  • $1,199.00

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Looking for a compact home gym for some serious weight training at home? Create your own private gym at home with the Aspire Strength MG102 Leverage Trainer. Decide for yourself, when, where, how long and at which intensity to exercise!

  • Suitable for regular weight plates (30 mm/1.2 inches) and Olympic weight plates (50 mm/2 inches.)
  • Compact and complete piece of training equipment for use at home or at the gym
  • The lever ensures a safe and carefully adjusted movement: safer than a loose weight lifting bar
Brand Aspire
Colour  Black
Dimensions ( L x W x H)  125 x 146 x 210 cm
Warranty  2 years on Parts, 3 months on Wear & Tear




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