Roman Weight Training Chair - Training Station 900

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( Certified Pre-owned ) Roman Weight Training Chair - Training Station 900

  • $350.00

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Certified Pre-owned

3 Months Warranty 


Optimum stability and great durability for this Roman chair, which can be used for bodyweight or circuit training exercises. As an added bonus?It's easy to adjust.

  • Versatility- Do all your bodyweight and circuit exercises with a single machine.
  • Robustness- You can even wear weights: the TS 900 can hold up to 150 kg!
  • Ease of use- The Training Station 900 has footrests, to fit users of any height.
  • Adjustable- Comfortable: the TS 900 has an adjustable backrest.
  • Grip- Grippy handles help you grasp them securely as you exercise.
  • Stability- Adjustable feet + rear pins to stabilise the frame!

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