Adjustable Squat Rack Stand with Spotters

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Adjustable Squat Rack Stand with Spotters

  • $170.00

If you've got a little less space to play with, our fully-adjustable squat rack is a great option for home gyms that are tight on space. It comes with 14 different rack heights and a spotter rack (10 adjustable heights). If you have a weight bench, it can also be use for bench pressing. 

Installation charges at $50

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  • Adjustable Squat Rack- Adjusting Knobs Make it Easy to Change The Height For A Wide Range Of Exercises
  • The Perfect Apparatus For Squats, Bench Presses And Shoulder Press – Fits Standard And Olympic Sized Bars. This  Design Suits Most Benches. 
  • Choose From 14 Different Rack Heights With 5cm Intervals and 10 Different Heights at 5cm Intervals for its spotter rack. 
  • Large 250kg Max Load. Quick and Easy To Assemble. 50mm Heavy Duty Steel Tube Frame.
  • Please Note: Tools Required For Self-Assembly Are Not Included
  • Dimensions: Overall Width:80cm. Overall Length: 120cm. Overall Height: 110cm to 184cm. Spotter Height: 71cm to 97cm
Height14 adjustable heights with 5cm interval from 110cm to 184cm
Spotter Rack Height10 adjustable heights with 5cm interval from 71cm to 97cm 
Length 120cm

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