Harbinger Women 5" Foam Core Belt

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Harbinger Women 5" Foam Core Belt (Pink)

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Created to fit snugly between rib cage and hip bones, our Women’s 5″ Foam Core Belt features proprietary foam core that is both firm and flexible. 

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Ultralight, flexible strength training belt with 5-inch wide support panel, designed specifically for women. Ultralight foam core with soft, breathable, plush tricot lining comfortably supports the back and abdominals during heavy lifts. 

Provides the right degree of support while allowing full range of motion for use during weight lifting and functional strength training workoutsHeavy gauge steel tensioning buckle allows for quick and easy customized fitAvailable in three waist sizes: XS (24-28 inches), S (28-32 inches), M (32-36 inches); measure around waist, between hips and ribs, to determine size

  • 5" width and a flexible, lightweight foam core designed specifically for women
  • Comfortable tricot inner lining
  • Extra wide 3" strap stabilizes muscles
  • Heavy gauge steel buckle tensions easily for a custom fit



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