Technogym Jog Forma Treadmill

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(Pre-Owned) Technogym Jog Forma Treadmill

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Technogym Jog Forma Treadmill


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Jog Forma is a professional, sports performance treadmill. The size, frame sturdiness and a powerful motor enable superior performance which allows you to enjoy safe and efficient sports training at a more demanding level.

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Exclusive high-end design & comfort

Jog Forma is a high-end product where each and every aspect is designed to bring your customers results in comfort. It adds a stylish touch to every space, and is the perfect solution for homes, schools and hotels that want to benefit from compact size training equipment.



+ 6.0 HP Motor – This size of motor really is something. I normally see 3.0 to 4.0 CHP but 6.0 HP is really quite big and I can’t imagine it will ever have to use all that power very often. This is good because it means the motor will last like the rest of the unit. It really is capable of supplying you with better performance and even outperforming the user.

+ Constant Pulse Rate System – This is much like a heart rate control program. You use the hand grips or a heart rate chest strap to read your heat rate. It maintains this rate to have you running at a certain level. The Jog Forma will change the incline to keep your heart beating at the required speed. This is a very effective way of working out.

+ Runner Detection System – This is the first treadmill I’ve seen with this feature. The machine can tell if a user is on the deck. If there isn’t and the belt is moving it will automatically stop to ensure everyone’s safety. This means that other members of the family can use the treadmill and you have the confidence of knowing there’s an important safety feature built in.

+ Intuitive Display – As mentioned before a numerical keypad allows you to change the speed and incline. On the left of it are the 5 workout programs available for you to choose from. The display uses QR codes so you would download the free Forma app and use it here. There is an LED dial which helps show you how you’re performing as you exercise.

+ Automatic Data Tracking – There is what’s called the bluetooth Forma training link (optional) which allows you to connect your ipad to the treadmill. You use the Forma training app to track your workout data and see your exercise in some unique ways. Your ipad (not included) can be attached to the Jog Forma treadmill using the entertainment support for optimal view.


Model Technogym Jog Forma
Folding No
Motor 6.0 HP
Running Surface 19″ x 56″
Dimensions L 83″ x W 34″ x H 59″
Max User Weight 396 lbs
Workout Programs 5
Speed 0.25 to 11.2 mph
Incline 0% to 15%

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