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(Pre-Owned) Fittar Smart Interactive Mirror

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A real revolution in the world of fitness, the FITTAR smart mirror offers a unique, playful and interactive training experience.

Using advanced Augmented Reality and Motion Recognition technologies, FITTAR Smart Mirror motivates the user and encourages them to excel and challenge themselves with members of the FITTAR community.

Cardio Training, Muscle Strengthening, 3D Shadow boxing, Cycling, Yoga or Games for children, FITTAR integrates more than 1500 programs and meets all profiles and all needs.

The FITTAR connected mirror: you will love to train again and again!!!

FITTAR Smart Mirror comes with over 1,500 built-in interactive workout programs, developed with the help of some of the best brains in the fitness industry – and we’ll be making even more available soon. From cardio workouts, training for specific muscle groups, boxing clinics, yoga exercises, we have something for everybody’s taste, for all age groups and every level. With our workouts, you can train smart, learn fast and have fun, whenever you want.

Cognitive Reaction Games
Great fitness is as much about the mind as the body. That’s why we’ve developed cognitive training, to help you improve your reaction speed and agility, while getting your brain working! Train the body and the mind. You will experience great energy and engagement.

3D Shadow Boxing
Like to hit a boxing bag, or work out with a virtual trainer holding the pads for you? You can do both with FITTAR! Challenge your reactions and reflexes, improve your explosiveness and speed. Take your cardio to a new level.

Mobile application
FITTAR is designed to be personalised around each user, and that’s the beauty of our mobile app. Connect to the FITTAR Smart Mirror by scanning the QR code in the web app, then create your own training program by choosing the exercises you want – whether via the app or on the mirror. You can also keep track of your high scores for a little extra motivation.

Dimensions: 176 cm x 62 cm
Thickness: < 4 cm
Touch screen: 43 inches

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