Push Pull Sled

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Push Pull Sled

  • $190.00
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Our Push-Pull Sled is compact, tough, and versatile enough for push, pull and speed training on almost any surface. 

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Sled training is a very useful training in most team sports where athletes have to overcome a lot of resistance. You can think of sports such as soccer, ice hockey, tennis, rugby and volley ball.

Also applicable in a Personal Trainer, Crossfit or Bootcamp training scheme.

  • Heavy duty conditioning sled
  • Suitable for Push or Pull
  • Olympic weight barsCrossfit Push Pull Sled 5
Extra Features-
Product Weight45kgs
ConstructionHeavy duty steel tubing construction with high quality metallic powder coating.
Plate DiameterOlympic plates
Max Weight Load270kgs
Dimensions100 cm (L) x 60 cm (W) x 100 cm (H)

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