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date Jun 01, 2021

Below are some frequently Googled questions for treadmills :

  1. "What happens when my treadmill breaks down?" 

  2. "Is it worth buying a new treadmill?"

  3. "Could I fix my treadmill that has lived past its warranty?" 



Here at Homefitness, we provide a solution to those dilemmas.


This is why other than selling good affordable quality fitness equipment, we also provide repair and maintenance as well.


So you don’t have to throw away a perfectly fixable companion (or if you just need your routine treadmill check)

How would the treadmill repair and maintenance process be like?

We understand that your time is precious, so we have simplified the procedures.


  • First Step: Setting Up An Appointment

Get in contact with our team at Homefitness, and let us know the problems you are facing with your treadmill.



  • Second Step: On-Site Diagnosis

Our well-trained technicians will do an on-site diagnosis on the date of the appointment to address the problem.

Typically, when it is a minor problem, your treadmill would be repaired on the day itself. 



  • Final Step: Follow-Up

If your treadmill's repair and maintenance is not completed within the first visit,

our team would consult with you to arrange for a necessary follow-up until your treadmill is repaired.  



Homefitness provides both Treadmill Repair and Maintenance Services AND Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment Repair and Services.





  • General maintenance and belt lubrication

  • Walking belt replacement and alignment

  • Running board replacement

  • Motor and drive belt replacement

  • Circuit board diagnosis and replacement

  • Diagnosis of squeaks, grinding and rattling

  • Wiring & cables inspection and replacement

  • Incline motor adjustment or replacement

  • Upper console component replacement

  • Side rails and trim replacement

  • Front and rear roller replacement

  • Hydraulics inspection and replacement

  • Check and secure all electrical connections and components

  • Check and test LED, heart rate, parameter setting and error code on control panels.              

  • Check for noise on mechanical and electrical components             

  • Check and test for alignment and sip test on running belts                

  • Check the condition of running belts, running decks and, rear & front rollers                

  • Check the condition of frames, seats, pedals and shrouds                

  • Check the condition of drive motors and drive motor's carbon brushes                

  • Check the condition of V-belts, pulleys, alternators, brakes and chains                

  • Ensure that equipment is set on stable ground and properly calibrated                

  • Check for misuse and vandalism              

  • Clean equipment's internal components and compartments

Why Choose Homefitness For Your Treadmill Repair and Maintenance?

At Homefitness, we are committed to delivering quality fitness equipment and services to our valued customers, at an affordable rate.



Being Singapore’s largest supplier of new and pre-owned commercial and home gym equipment, together with HF Lifestyle Pte Ltd,

we have provided services to corporations like Under Armour, SBS Transit, True Fitness and even schools, condominiums,

and homes all over Singapore.



We have also provided treadmill repair and maintenance services to major brands like Horizon and Reebok.


Our skilled technicians will help find a solution to your treadmill woes, so you can continue enjoying your fitness routines

at the convenience of your home. 


Contact us HERE for our team of professionals to consult you on your treadmill repair and maintenance service today.