Olympic Safety Squat Bar

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Olympic Safety Squat Bar (Dia: 5.8cm)

  • $190.00

This Olympic Safe Squat Bar is a barbell with which you can squat safely. 

This Olympic squat bar is constructed from 30mm solid high-tensile steel, which means it can handle weight up to 300kg. It’s a must-have accessory equipment for every commercial or home gym. The 30 degree angled camber allows for the bar to fit nicely on your shoulders, allowing you to squat without putting the entire load on your lower back. With padded foam rollers and vinyl, you can workout comfortably as your weight increases. On top of that, the hand grips and cambered solid bar design helps maintain your squat form. The bar can also be used for other exercises, like bench press.

Pad thickness3.5 inches

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