Horizon Fitness Andes 3 Elliptical Trainer

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[Display Set] Horizon Fitness Andes 3 Elliptical Trainer

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The elliptical cross trainer Andes 3 of Horizon is equipped with the frame system SixStar. Six stars for a very high training comfort. Due to this frame construction, the Horizon elliptical cross trainer Andes 3 offers a very low pedal space (Q-factor) as well as a flat, elliptic movement. It guarantees a natural running experience. The upright posture guarantees better training results. The Horizon elliptical cross trainer Andes 3 is very easy to use even for persons with limited mobility thanks to its very low access height of just 27 cm. The drive system is perfectly adapted, thus the training is very silent and smooth. 

The stride length of 50.8 cm is very big and even persons with a height of 200 cm can exercise with the Horizon elliptical cross trainer Andes 3!



The Horizon elliptical cross trainer is sufficiently stable and can be loaded up to 136 kg. Thanks to the very easy folding mechanism, the Horizon elliptical cross trainer Andes 3 can be comfortably folded after the training. Use the integrated transport wheels to move easily the elliptical cross trainer.



The 5.5 inches big display of the Horizon Andes 3 is quite readable and offers a very smart feature, the HR wheel. It shows in detail in which pulse zone you are at the moment. Vary your training intensity in order to get the most efficient training. 

10 training programs offer 16 resistance levels each. It can be easily adjusted to your training progress. It's just the Watt mode where you set a constant load. The Horizon elliptical cross trainer Andes 3 offers a good range of rehabilitation to intensive fitness training with resistances from 25 to 350 Watt.

Brand Horizon Fitness 
Dimensions (L x W x H)  173 x 67 x 171 cm 
Folded Dimensions  (L x W x H)  102 x 67 x 171 cm 
Crank Arm / Stride Length 50.1cm Stride
Panel  14cm
Other Features  One-step Folding with Easy-life handle, Cup Holder
Level of Resistance  16 Electronically Adjustable 
More information:  Energy Saver Mode, Smart Device Rack, Performance HR Wheel Display 
Max Load  136 kg 
Wheel Weight   7 kg 
Product Weight  77 kg
Warranty 2 years on Parts 
LCD Warranty  1 year 


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