Aspire Tri-grip Olympic Rubber Coated Weight Plates (2.5KG to 20KG)

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Tri-grip Olympic Rubber Coated Weight Plates (2.5KG to 20KG)

  • $5.30
  • Sold Individually. Select 2 qty for a pair.

    Tri-Grip Olympic Rubber weight plates are designed for any Olympic barbell and dumbbell to help you access the benefits of free weight training.

    These weight plates feature a handy Tri-Grip design making transporting and loading the plate easy and safe. The Tri-grip handles also act as a solid grip for using the plates to do various exercises and different workouts.

    These plates have a durable rubber coating making them safer to handle, this helps prevent rust and corrosion and extends the life of your weight plate.

  • Quality rubber coated tri-grip Olympic plate weights 

  • High quality cast iron plates are handcrafted and inspected. A tough, premium rubber casing made from virgin and recycled rubber covers each plate.

  • The recessed tri-grip handles have spacious openings fitting comfortably in the hand, are rounded with integrated finger slots and slotted for easy loading and offloading. The weight numbers are moulded into each plate. The solid steel precision hub ensures a perfect fit on Olympic bars.

  • Use with an Olympic weight bar or use as hands-on weights (without the bar) for weight assisted sit-ups, roman chair back extensions, overhead presses, lateral shoulder raises, oblique twists, etc.

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