Aspire Peanut Balance Trainer

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Aspire Peanut Balance Trainer

  • $189.00

Unlimited exercises for everyone. 

1 Balance trainer = 5 fitness training balls (Half Ball Balance Trainer, workout half ball, bench pushups, plankster core trainer)

Unique design with half peanut shape,  air-filled, core building, multifaceted balance equipment used as a Half Ball Balance Trainer, workout half ball, bench pushups or as a plankster core trainer.

This Premium Aspire Balance Trainer is made of high-grade PVC material, very high durability. Especially, unstable shape with textured design helps prevent slipping, allows sweaty hands and feet to stay put when training.

Benefitting from both sides of the Half Peanut Balance Trainer Ball, you can do various exercises such as step-up, single-leg hold, bird dog, bridge, burpees, lunges, pushups, squats, crunches, mountain climbers, planks, also can be combined with resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, or all other fitness accessories for a full-body toning workout


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